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The carelessness of a stranger or medical professional changed your life in an instant. An injury or loss of a loved one means you are struggling to complete daily tasks as medical bills pile up. Too many accident victims make the mistake of accepting the first claim their insurance company offers. Insurers have their own interests in mind and usually offer far less than you need. Before talking with your insurer about a claim, contact one of our Kentucky office locations for legal advice.

At The Law Offices of Dan F. Partin, we won’t turn potential clients down because a case is too difficult. We have the skill to handle complex cases and we are prepared to go the distance. First, we focus our resources on the investigative process to give you an honest and deep understanding of your legal options. Next, we can comb over medical records, investigate the accident scene, interview accident witnesses and work with specialists to get you the best results.

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Our Experience
Makes The Difference

Our attorneys have practiced personal injury for over 20 years. We have handled all types of cases, from straightforward auto accidents to complex birth injury malpractice cases. We are determined legal advocates for your case at every step of the process, including in interactions with the insurance company claims representatives. We know how insurance companies operate and we know how to pursue the full compensation you deserve.

As a former member of the US Air Force, attorney Dan Partin, is a strong negotiator in mediation and a hard-hitting advocate in court. If you or a loved one has been injured by a medical professional, then we employ the help of appropriate experts to determine where things went wrong. We have connections to pediatric specialists, EMT specialists and more to determine where the medical professional failed to perform their job to standard and how we can prove that fact in court.

Attentive Guidance For Your Recovery

After a major injury, you will need more than just legal advice. You will need comprehensive guidance to get back on your feet. We can help you determine resources for expensive medical bills, vehicle repairs and covering the cost of lost wages. If you are concerned about transportation, then we can help you find a rental car and determine if your insurance company will pay for it. As a modest-sized firm, we have the flexibility to focus our full attention on every client. Our attorneys take time to understand the details of your situation that are necessary to achieve the best results for you.

Contact Us For Help. We Can Come To You.

We have offices in Lexington, Harlan and Middlesboro and we represent clients throughout Kentucky. We also offer weekend and evening appointments, as well as home and hospital visits. For a free consultation, contact us online or call 859-359-7390.

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Car Accident FAQs

What should I do if…….

“How long do I have to file a personal injury lawsuit after a car accident in Kentucky?

Auto accident lawsuits have time restrictions so you should take action immediately.”

Learn more about this answer and answers to other questions in our car accident FAQ.

What should I do if…….

Should I do whatever the insurance adjuster asks to speed up the claims process?

Absolutely not. Insurance adjusters may seem concerned about you, but they’re really concerned about the insurance company. Never agree to make a recorded statement. Never agree to release your medical records to the insurance company. Ideally, you should delay talking to the other driver’s insurance company entirely until you have attorney representation.

Learn more about this answer and answers to other questions in our car accident FAQ.

What should I do if…….

Do I really need a personal injury lawyer to represent me after a car accident?

Yes. Even if you suspect whiplash, you may not realize you have serious injuries or know how to value them. You may not realize when additional parties, like the automobile manufacturer, can also be held responsible for your injuries. Without professional legal representation, you may never recover the maximum award for your damages.

Learn more about this answer and answers to other questions in our car accident FAQ.

What should I do if…….

What should I do immediately following a car accident?

Stay at the scene and call the police. Never agree to handle an accident “off the record.” Call an ambulance immediately if you or your passengers are injured, even if you are not sure if the injuries are serious. Only relocate your vehicle if it poses a hazard to others and you have no other choice. If possible, take photos of skid marks, vehicle damage and injuries. Ask for contact information from witnesses.

Learn more about this answer and answers to other questions in our car accident FAQ.

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