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Lexington Kentucky Personal Injury Blog

Why 'informed consent' is crucial to your medical care

When you are considering having a medical procedure, it is your doctor's responsibility to present all the information you need to make a decision about whether to proceed.

In Kentucky, as in other states, patients have the right to receive information about your diagnosis, the options for treating your condition, any risks and the expected outcome or prognosis. Doctors must share this information in language that is easy to understand – not in medical jargon – and with enough detail for you to decide whether to agree to the care.

Traumatic brain injury may be hard to recognize

As you make your way to town, you see a car come toward you. You expect the car to stop at some point, but it does not. Instead, a distracted driver plows right into your vehicle. The next thing you know, you are regaining consciousness, and your head is throbbing like never before.

Unfortunately, suffering a traumatic brain injury in a distracted driving accident is not uncommon here in Kentucky, and it can have long-term implications depending on the severity of your injury. However, if you learn that you did, in fact, suffer a brain injury and that the injury was the result of another motorist's carelessness, it is within your rights to seek compensation for these injuries.

Kentucky woman killed in hit-and-run crash

A former professional basketball player entered a not guilty plea after he was arrested for his alleged involvement in a fatal hit-and-run accident recently in Louisville, Kentucky.

A woman who was attempting to cross the Dixie Highway was struck and killed. No additional information about the woman, such as her age or hometown, was available.

What makes distracted trucking accidents different?

Any kind of motor vehicle accident has the potential to change a victim's life forever. However, when a person has a crash with a commercial trucker, the effects have much more potential to be devastating. The sheer size and weight of a big rig can lead to more serious or even fatal injuries in a truck accident.

You probably know that commercial trucks transport large amounts of goods over great distances. They are a vital part of the economy here in Kentucky and across the nation. People who drive them have to have a commercial driver's license. What you might not know is what makes accidents with these vehicles more deadly and your available options if you are unfortunate enough to have a crash that involves a commercial truck.

Kentucky teen jailed in friend's death in drunk driving accident

Two Kentucky families were forever altered in 2017 when one teenager crashed her car, killing her 17-year-old passenger. Now, the driver will spend the next five years in jail.

A judge in Anderson County recently handed down the sentence, The driver had been charged with manslaughter but plead guilty to reckless homicide in a plea agreement.

How safe are you in the back seat?

If you are noticing the prices of new cars going higher and higher, you are not alone. However, paying more for a new car means having a vehicle that has the most current and reliable safety features. Gone are the days when seatbelts were the only safety device in a vehicle, and at one point, they were optional for backseat passengers.

Now, the federal government sets high standards for automobile safety. With airbags, advanced restraints and other high-tech systems, your chances of surviving a crash improve. However, those odds seem to apply only if you are the driver or front-seat passenger.

Can you drive in the left lane in Kentucky?

If you're on a multi-lane highway in Kentucky, driving along in the left lane, can you get pulled over for breaking the law even if you've done nothing else wrong? Or are you allowed to use both lanes as you see fit?

The reality is that you cannot legally drive in the left lane for no reason. You have to use it either for passing or for making a left turn, depending on what type of road you're on. Kentucky is one of 10 states with this law, while other states tell drivers to move over only if they're going more slowly than the traffic around them.

A moment of distraction is all it takes for disaster to strike

If your daily responsibilities require you to spend any amount of time out on Kentucky roads, you likely share these roads with countless others. As you navigate toward your destinations, at least a portion of your safety may rest in the hands of others, and you might consider this fact alone to be a source of unrest.

While for the most part, other drivers may feel the same as you and wish to take every necessary precaution to reduce the odds of a collision. However, even a moment of inattention on the part of another driver could be all it takes for you to wake up the next day in the hospital with serious injuries.


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