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The domino theory of car accidents

In trying to understand why accidents happen and how they can be avoided, it's important to consider that many accidents have multiple causes. It's not always one thing that goes wrong. Instead, it's a series of things.

This is known as the domino theory, as each step leads to the next or at least compounds upon it. When enough dominos fall, an accident is all but inevitable.

Distraction massively increases accident odds

Accident odds increase for all sorts of reasons — speeding, drinking and driving, driving at night, etc. However, one of the issues that people could avoid most easily if they attempted to do so is distraction. By committing to focus on the road, drivers could largely decrease their odds of getting into a wreck.

Different types of distractions change motorists' accident odds by different amounts. However, it's important to note that all distractions are unnecessary risks. Some of the worst distractions include:

  • Texting behind the wheel, which increases accident odds by 23 times
  • Talking on the phone, which makes an accident 1.3 times as likely
  • Dialing a phone number, which increases the accident odds by 2.8 times
  • Reaching to pick up the phone or to take it out of a pocket, which makes an accident 1.4 times as likely

Cell phones may take the number 1 spot in distracted driving

Without a doubt, distracted driving is increasingly a major factor in motor vehicle accidents. A large part of this epidemic involves the use of cell phones while driving. In 2017, no less than 800 people lost their lives in accidents in which a driver was using a cell phone.

In a survey conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in 2018, cell phone use increased around 57% from the levels revealed in a similar survey conducted in 2014. Further, by the time of the second survey, people were using their phones less for calls and more for other purposes.

Deadly truck accident on I-64 caused by distracted driver

A deadly accident on Interstate 64 near exit 58 in Kentucky claimed the life of a 61-year-old Bedford man and left another person seriously injured. Now, police say that the accident was, at least partially, the result of distracted driving.

According to the Kentucky State Police, the truck driver was heading west on the interstate when he failed to notice that there was a significant slowdown in his lane. Consequently, he drove a fully-loaded tractor-trailer into a Jeep Liberty, killing the driver. The ricochet from the initial accident drove the Jeep and the truck into another vehicle, causing the other victim's injuries.

Implementing technology in the right way can reduce distraction

You know that distracted driving is a serious safety concern in Kentucky and across the country. Every day, people are suffering serious or fatal injuries in accidents caused by a person who was not paying attention. From cell phones to in-car infotainment systems, there are many things that can take a driver's attention away from the task at hand.

When you think about distracted driving, you may think about texting behind the wheel or looking at Facebook while operating a vehicle. While phones are the leading cause of distracted driving incidents, they are not the only area of concern. The systems and technology that come standard in many newer vehicles can also be distracting. In response to this issue, many automakers are looking at ways to implement technology in better, safer ways.

Is it possible that motorcycles are safer than cars?

When an individual tells their loved ones that they're planning to purchase a motorcycle, their family often expresses concerns. Their parents, significant others, children, colleagues or friends often ask them to reconsider their decision to buy a motorbike because they fear that they'll get hurt. After all, many of us have been taught that operating a motorcycle is more dangerous than a car. Is this the case though? It depends.

Car drivers tend to think that they can rely on the sizable frame of their vehicles to protect them if they're involved in a crash. Motorcyclists can't count on the same. There's nothing that separates them from flying debris or provides a buffer between them and other motorists. This is often what concerns motorcyclists' loved ones the most.

A recent Lawrenceburg graduate dies in a tragic car crash

An 18-year-old Lawrenceburg woman who was involved in a car crash on the evening of Sept. 6 died from her injuries on the morning of Sept. 11. She'd graduated from Anderson County High School (ACHS) earlier this summer.

A spokesperson for the Kentucky State Police (KSP) released a statement about the incident that resulted in the teen's fatal injuries soon after her death on Sept. 11.

Distracted drivers are a problem at any age

Virtually everyone in Kentucky knows that distracted driving is dangerous. Unfortunately, as you have probably already noticed, many drivers do not seem to care. Since you are a safe driver, you know how important it is to pay attention to the road, but there is nothing you can do to truly protect yourself from distracted drivers.

Even though you have seen other drivers using their phones, you may not realize just how big the problem is. A large percentage of millennials and Gen Xers admit they use smartphones while driving. Even nearly half of baby boomers engage in this dangerous behavior.

Can you diagnose and treat a concussion at home?

If you suspect a concussion, such as after a motor vehicle accident, you shouldn't hesitate to seek medical treatment. There's always a possibility that you're suffering from a more serious head injury, such as bleeding on the brain or a skull fracture.

Attempting to treat a concussion at home is a serious mistake, as this brain injury requires medical treatment. Upon visiting a local hospital, your doctor will run a variety of tests to pinpoint your injury and rule out other conditions.

Another driver’s addiction can cause you injury

In a perfect world, every person would be able to accomplish a goal of self-mastery. This would mean that no one would ever suffer from addiction because every person would have perfect control over his or her desires and need for gratification. Unfortunately, certain addictions are becoming more and more prevalent due to changes in technology.

A growing problem today is cell phone addiction. While this can lead to a myriad of different issues and dangers for those suffering from it and anyone with whom they may come into contact, the most serious of them often occur behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. If you’re sharing a Kentucky roadway with a driver who is a cell phone addict, you could be at great risk for serious, if not fatal, injuries.


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