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Compensation is often needed to pay for spinal cord injury care

Severe physical damage such as brain injuries and catastrophic injuries are among the most expensive in terms of treatment and rehabilitation. To make matters worse, victims of such injuries typically cannot perform physically as they did before the injury. This is especially so when the spinal cord suffers serious damage. Unfortunately, this limited physical ability often results in job loss, further complicating the victim's road to recovery.

The initial treatment for a spinal cord injury is extremely costly and may involve immobilization, traction and surgery in a hospital setting. However, it is the rehabilitative efforts required in the aftermath that most often drains victims financially.

Biker killed in Louisville accident apparently involving DUI

There are few better ways to enjoy the scenery of the Bluegrass State than on a motorcycle. From the eastern Brakes to the Land Between the Lakes, the crisp air of Kentucky is alluring to bikers both local and from out of state. But the dangers remain the same for all people on motorcycles.

The protections of bikes on the road are far less than for drivers and passengers of cars and trucks. An accident at any speed could mean serious injury or even death for bikers. Sadly, that is what happened recently near Louisville's Iroquois Park when a driver struck two motorcyclists early on a Sunday morning.

Strong emotions can easily distract drivers

As you go about your daily commute to work or drive the kids to school, you likely do not think much about how another driver's day is going. You may think about what you should pick up at the grocery store, the report you need to finish or scheduling your kids' after-school activities. Having these thoughts behind the wheel is not uncommon.

Of course, letting your mind wander is one of the most common forms of distracted driving. In fact, your emotions (and other drivers' emotions) could easily affect the way you drive. So if you have had a bad day, it is possible for your mood to leave you more distracted behind the wheel.

Are you traveling for the holidays? Stay safe!

Do you know that over 37,000 people living in the United States lost their lives in 2017 in auto accidents? Car crashes are one of the number one ways that those age one to 54 die every year.

This holiday season, you want to do all that you can to ensure that you or your family members don't become a statistic. This is especially true for those driving long distances to visit family and friends. But you can wind up involved in a serious auto accident simply driving across town.

Drunk driver gets 10-year sentence for role in fatal crash

In January 2018, a 49-year-old woman driving a 2013 Cadillac crashed into 2005 Chevrolet in Glasgow, Kentucky, which is located a little over two hours away from Lexington. The crash caused the death of a 24-year-old woman.

On Nov. 18, 2019, the woman was sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence and second-degree manslaughter. The woman was originally charged with murder, but the plea deal saw the charge reduced. The sentence, however, is the maximum allowed for the manslaughter charge.

Did a doctor fail to properly diagnose your medical condition?

When you go to a Kentucky doctor, you assume that he or she will provide you with proper medical care. This includes giving you the right diagnosis for your specific medical concerns. Misdiagnosis is a serious problem, and it can result in serious problems for patients. If you did not get proper care and support when you went to the doctor, what are your options? 

Misdiagnosis is one of the main reasons for medical malpractice claims. While doctors cannot guarantee outcomes to medical cases, they should do everything possible to properly diagnose patients and match them with the right type of care strategy. Failure to do anything less than this is unacceptable, and it can cause innocent patients unnecessary and preventable harm.

A truck can take 200 yards to stop

Semitrucks do not drive like passenger vehicles. They have larger blind spots. They make wide turns. They do not accelerate as quickly. They need more space to merge. There is a reason that commercial drivers need a special license to drive. This is no easy task.

One major difference is that a heavy truck can take far more distance to come to a complete stop than a passenger car. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) says that they need about 200 yards to stop. That's the length of a pair of football fields set end to end or about 600 feet. The FMCSA pins that distance on trucks that are traveling at 65 miles per hour.

The domino theory of car accidents

In trying to understand why accidents happen and how they can be avoided, it's important to consider that many accidents have multiple causes. It's not always one thing that goes wrong. Instead, it's a series of things.

This is known as the domino theory, as each step leads to the next or at least compounds upon it. When enough dominos fall, an accident is all but inevitable.

Distraction massively increases accident odds

Accident odds increase for all sorts of reasons — speeding, drinking and driving, driving at night, etc. However, one of the issues that people could avoid most easily if they attempted to do so is distraction. By committing to focus on the road, drivers could largely decrease their odds of getting into a wreck.

Different types of distractions change motorists' accident odds by different amounts. However, it's important to note that all distractions are unnecessary risks. Some of the worst distractions include:

  • Texting behind the wheel, which increases accident odds by 23 times
  • Talking on the phone, which makes an accident 1.3 times as likely
  • Dialing a phone number, which increases the accident odds by 2.8 times
  • Reaching to pick up the phone or to take it out of a pocket, which makes an accident 1.4 times as likely

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