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A recent Lawrenceburg graduate dies in a tragic car crash

An 18-year-old Lawrenceburg woman who was involved in a car crash on the evening of Sept. 6 died from her injuries on the morning of Sept. 11. She'd graduated from Anderson County High School (ACHS) earlier this summer.

A spokesperson for the Kentucky State Police (KSP) released a statement about the incident that resulted in the teen's fatal injuries soon after her death on Sept. 11.

Distracted drivers are a problem at any age

Virtually everyone in Kentucky knows that distracted driving is dangerous. Unfortunately, as you have probably already noticed, many drivers do not seem to care. Since you are a safe driver, you know how important it is to pay attention to the road, but there is nothing you can do to truly protect yourself from distracted drivers.

Even though you have seen other drivers using their phones, you may not realize just how big the problem is. A large percentage of millennials and Gen Xers admit they use smartphones while driving. Even nearly half of baby boomers engage in this dangerous behavior.

Can you diagnose and treat a concussion at home?

If you suspect a concussion, such as after a motor vehicle accident, you shouldn't hesitate to seek medical treatment. There's always a possibility that you're suffering from a more serious head injury, such as bleeding on the brain or a skull fracture.

Attempting to treat a concussion at home is a serious mistake, as this brain injury requires medical treatment. Upon visiting a local hospital, your doctor will run a variety of tests to pinpoint your injury and rule out other conditions.

Another driver’s addiction can cause you injury

In a perfect world, every person would be able to accomplish a goal of self-mastery. This would mean that no one would ever suffer from addiction because every person would have perfect control over his or her desires and need for gratification. Unfortunately, certain addictions are becoming more and more prevalent due to changes in technology.

A growing problem today is cell phone addiction. While this can lead to a myriad of different issues and dangers for those suffering from it and anyone with whom they may come into contact, the most serious of them often occur behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. If you’re sharing a Kentucky roadway with a driver who is a cell phone addict, you could be at great risk for serious, if not fatal, injuries.

Passive versus aggressive tailgaters

No matter why someone tailgates you on the road, it's dangerous. They can cause an accident that could have easily been avoided. Say you have to slam on your brakes when the light turns red or when a deer runs into the road. All of a sudden, that unexpected event turns into a serious accident that puts you in the hospital as the car behind you plows into the back of your vehicle.

That said, there are very different types of tailgaters. Understanding why tailgating happens means you need to know what type you're dealing with.

Turn to an attorney when you suspect medical malpractice

We turn to doctors in times to make us better. But what happens when we feel worse?

It could mean you have a case for medical malpractice, especially if your worsened medical condition was a result of reckless or negligent medical care.

Truck driver faces manslaughter, other charges in woman's death

A Kentucky truck driver has been indicted on several charges in a January crash that killed a 45-year-old mother.

The man, 42, was driving a flatbed truck traveling east on Richwood Road in Walton, Kentucky, when the truck started to veer off to the right side of the road. He overcorrected, crossing the center line and crashing into the woman's Honda Accord as she traveled west, according to authorities.

Why 'informed consent' is crucial to your medical care

When you are considering having a medical procedure, it is your doctor's responsibility to present all the information you need to make a decision about whether to proceed.

In Kentucky, as in other states, patients have the right to receive information about your diagnosis, the options for treating your condition, any risks and the expected outcome or prognosis. Doctors must share this information in language that is easy to understand – not in medical jargon – and with enough detail for you to decide whether to agree to the care.

Traumatic brain injury may be hard to recognize

As you make your way to town, you see a car come toward you. You expect the car to stop at some point, but it does not. Instead, a distracted driver plows right into your vehicle. The next thing you know, you are regaining consciousness, and your head is throbbing like never before.

Unfortunately, suffering a traumatic brain injury in a distracted driving accident is not uncommon here in Kentucky, and it can have long-term implications depending on the severity of your injury. However, if you learn that you did, in fact, suffer a brain injury and that the injury was the result of another motorist's carelessness, it is within your rights to seek compensation for these injuries.

Kentucky woman killed in hit-and-run crash

A former professional basketball player entered a not guilty plea after he was arrested for his alleged involvement in a fatal hit-and-run accident recently in Louisville, Kentucky.

A woman who was attempting to cross the Dixie Highway was struck and killed. No additional information about the woman, such as her age or hometown, was available.


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