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Types of birth injuries

| May 25, 2018 | Birth Injuries

Finding out that you are pregnant is one of the most exciting times in life. You will go through a range of emotions from excitement to happiness to elation to worry and to doubt. Parenting isn’t easy. It can be scary to learn you will be a parent but exciting all at the same time. Many parents worry about the possibility of their baby suffering injuries at birth. We will discuss the types of birth injuries in this post.

Hypoxia is a very scary brain injury that many children suffer. It occurs when the baby does not receive enough oxygen to his or her brain. It can happen prior to birth, during the birth and even after the birth. Hypoxia can cause brain injury and even lead to cerebral palsy, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and cognitive deficiencies if it is not treated properly.

Cerebral palsy is another type of birth injury. As mentioned above, it can be caused by hypoxia that has not been treated properly. It can also be caused prior to birth or even after delivery. If it happened prior to birth, it could have been caused by the use of a harmful drug. It can also be caused by premature birth that is considered extreme.

Shoulder dystocia is also a type of birth injury. This injury occurs when one or both of the baby’s shoulders become stuck in the mother’s pelvis during the birthing process. The majority of injuries caused to a baby with shoulder dystocia typically heal on their own within six to 12 months.

Birth injuries are more common than many people think. Even with today’s medicine and technology, it’s still possible that a baby could suffer one of the injuries mentioned in this post. Know your rights and the rights of your baby in Lexington, Kentucky.

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