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How do I safely drive near trucks and buses in Kentucky?

| Jun 8, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you get behind the wheel in Lexington, Kentucky, you will be faced with a lot of danger. The road is a dangerous place for even the most experienced of drivers. When you add in distracted drivers, drunk drivers, large trucks, buses and motorcycles, you have a recipe for disaster. Accidents happen everyday in Kentucky. Here’s how you can drive safely near large vehicles.

It’s important to always remember that large trucks and buses have quite a few blindspots. These spots are on either side of the vehicle and in the back. Take this note: If you cannot see the driver of the vehicle in its side mirrors, the driver cannot see your vehicle.

When merging onto a highway, be sure to yield to large vehicles. If you do not yield, accelerate fast enough so that you are not cutting off the truck or bus, causing it to slam on its brakes and possibly hitting you from behind.

You should never tailgate a truck or bus. You shouldn’t tailgate any vehicle at all. Tailgating gives you less time to react and come to a stop should the vehicle in front of you slam on its brakes suddenly.

Trucks will make wide turns, especially to the right. Give the truck plenty of room to make the turn, especially if you are passing it on the left. The truck will go wide left before making the right turn.

Driving safely near large trucks or buses in Lexington is important for your safety. If you follow these tips and maneuver your vehicle properly, you should have no trouble avoiding an accident.

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