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How do I preserve accident scene evidence?

| Jul 20, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Obtaining your driver’s license is a major life milestone. Even though you are excited at the prospect of legally driving, you need to temper that excitement so you aren’t distracted behind the wheel.

It’s important for drivers of all experience levels to know how to handle themselves on an accident scene. So, how do you preserve the evidence at a car crash?

With today’s technology, most people will likely have a camera with them in the car. It doesn’t matter if the camera is a real camera, a camera on your mobile phone or a camera on your tablet. Put this camera to good use and take pictures of the crash scene if you can do so safely.

Never move evidence at a motor vehicle accident scene. Moving evidence can confuse first responders and other investigators who are trying to put the pieces of the crash together for their report. If you have to move evidence because it was posing a hazard to other drivers, you should first take a picture of it and the scene around it before doing so.

Try to take notes of the accident scene. These notes will help you answer questions if you are called to testify at a later date. Write down the weather at the time of the crash, the road conditions, the vehicles and any other circumstances that might have played a role in the crash.

Preserving the evidence at a motor vehicle crash scene is important to the investigation. The police will need to document all of it and take pictures for their report in the event the crash leads to a lawsuit.


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