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What to do if you come across a drunk driver

| Aug 17, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving is a dangerous enough task when you are around thousands of other drivers who might not be as safe as you. To make matters worse, drunk drivers are all over the roads of Lexington, Kentucky. When you think you are near a drunk driver, you need to know the steps to take to keep yourself safe and report them to the authorities.

If you spot a suspected drunk driver, you need to move your vehicle away from it as safely as possible. This means that you should either slow your speed, change lanes or remove yourself from the roadway as soon as possible if the suspected drunk driver continues.

Try to obtain the license plate number of the vehicle as well as other identifying items. This includes the color, make, model and any other descriptions of the car. These are needed to tell authorities so they can look for the vehicle and hopefully initiate a traffic stop.

You should never attempt to follow or pull the vehicle over if you think it is a drunk driver. This could be a very dangerous situation if the driver is drunk and then tries to retaliate. Always ignore the driver, even when trying to obtain identifying information for the car.

Have you been injured in a crash involving a drunk driver? This is a scary situation that can put you out of work for quite a while. There’s a lot of things you can do to prevent this type of accident but it’s not always possible. Make sure you have an experienced attorney by your side when dealing with an injury.


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