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Kentucky patients describe poor surgical outcomes, blame doctor

| Nov 9, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

A Kentucky orthopedic surgeon is facing a number of medical malpractice lawsuits filed by patients who contend his treatment made their conditions worse than they were before he treated them.

Patients told television station WKYT their stories. One woman said he performed three shoulder surgeries, each one leaving her in pain. Another woman underwent three knee surgeries, each one also leaving her in pain. Another woman needs knee reconstruction to repair damage from the surgery the doctor performed. One woman said her ankle hasn’t been right since her surgery.

In addition, a man reported that 10 months after his arm surgery, his arm snapped and broke. Surgeons at the University of Kentucky wound up fixing that man’s arm.

The doctor was suspended from a Kentucky hospital and his state medical license suspended when after performing a surgical procedure in May he was found to have drugs in his system.

The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure investigated after an operating room nurse reported he was “stumbling with his closed and mumbling” and that he came close to falling off a stool, according to the TV station. A drug test showed he had the generic form of Xanax and oxycodone in his system.

The patients interviewed by the television station agreed that the doctor shouldn’t be allowed to practice medicine again. The doctor is due to appear before the state board on Nov. 15 to discuss whether his suspension should be lifted.

Patients should expect to receive competent medical care. If their conditions significantly worsen after being treated by a doctor, they have the right also to seek compensation for both pain and suffering and the cost of further treatment. An attorney with experience in medical malpractice claims can assess their cases.


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