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The costs of treatment for a brain injury can be staggering

| Feb 14, 2019 | Brain Injuries And Catastrophic Injuries

Your husband went out for a bike ride on a beautiful Kentucky afternoon and hasn’t come back yet. It’s getting dark, and you’re starting to get worried.

Then you hear the sirens.

Your husband was hit by a car, you learn when you rush to the sound of the emergency vehicles. The driver was distracted and turned into your husband, even though he had the right of way.

When you get to the hospital, the emergency room doctors tell you he has suffered a traumatic brain injury. It will take days for you to find out his exact prognosis, but as you wait, you Google “traumatic brain injury” to find out more.

You find out just a snippet of what you’re up against.

There are several levels of treatment for people with traumatic brain injury – or TBI.

You’ll start by meeting with a neurosurgeon, most likely, who will order scans to determine how serious the injury is. There could be an immediate surgery for bleeding on the brain or other symptoms, followed by time in the intensive care unit and then a transfer to the neurological unit.

New people will be entering your life: physical, occupational and speech therapists, social workers, case managers, respiratory therapists and vocational rehabilitation experts. The stay in the neurological unit could last months, and it still could be months longer before your loved one can come home.

Doctors might order a move to what’s known as a post-acute residential facility for treatment and therapy to continue. After that, there are other kinds of residential facilities, if required, before it’s time for care at home.

Treatment for a moderate head injury can cost over $1 million, more than $3 million for a severe head injury, according to the Centre for Neuro Skills. Most insurance policies do not pay for long-term coverage for TBI rehabilitation, the center reported.

How will your family ever recover, especially now that the major breadwinner probably won’t ever go back to the job that supported all of you? A personal injury claim could assist your family in getting payment for treatment and day-to-day living expenses.


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