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Avoid rearward-striking car crashes on your motorcycle

| Mar 1, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

Vehicle drivers and their passengers receive the benefit of air bags, seat belts and a steel frame that protects them from getting hurt. Motorcycle riders don’t have any of this protection, which means they’re completely vulnerable to getting seriously hurt in a crash. Even a minor rearward-striking collision could kill a motorcyclist, so it’s important to avoid such crashes at all costs.

One of the best ways to prevent a rearward-striking crash for a motorcyclist is to use other cars for protection. Imagine you’re approaching a red light where other vehicles are stopped. Rather than leaving your rear exposed to approaching drivers, who might be distracted by their cellphone and not see you, consider pulling around the front car and waiting there. You’ll be safer, as this car will serve as a barrier of protection. Some motorists could be miffed by such a move, so make sure you give a friendly wave. You can also pull in between two cars if the front of the line is far ahead.

If there aren’t any cars around to serve as you “protective barriers,” you may want to pull off to the side or move in between two lanes for safety as you wait at a red light. Also, tap your brake light often while slowing down and even while at rest. Watch behind in your mirrors. If a car is approaching rapidly, be ready to move out of the way immediately.

Most rearward-striking accidents are the fault of the car that hits from behind. Therefore, if you were hit by a car like this while riding your bike, it’s wise to investigate your legal rights and options by getting in touch with our personal injury law firm. Our legal team is standing by to help you navigate your potential claim.


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