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Can you drive in the left lane in Kentucky?

| Apr 26, 2019 | Car Accidents

If you’re on a multi-lane highway in Kentucky, driving along in the left lane, can you get pulled over for breaking the law even if you’ve done nothing else wrong? Or are you allowed to use both lanes as you see fit?

The reality is that you cannot legally drive in the left lane for no reason. You have to use it either for passing or for making a left turn, depending on what type of road you’re on. Kentucky is one of 10 states with this law, while other states tell drivers to move over only if they’re going more slowly than the traffic around them.

In Kentucky, this means you need to move over regardless. Once you pass, even if you’re going faster than everyone else, you’re supposed to move to the right until it’s time to pass again.

Why are these laws in place? The simple reason is that driving in the left lane increases the odds of an accident. If you’re going too slowly, you may get a backup of cars behind you. This can lead to traffic jams and rear-end accidents. If those drivers try to pass you on the right, that can also lead to confusion and accidents since people are used to passing on the left. Using that lane for anything but passing or turning just adds one more complication to an already dangerous mode of transportation, so it is not permitted.

Did you get injured in an accident caused by a driver who broke these traffic laws? If so, you may be able to seek financial compensation.


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