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Is it possible that motorcycles are safer than cars?

| Sep 26, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

When an individual tells their loved ones that they’re planning to purchase a motorcycle, their family often expresses concerns. Their parents, significant others, children, colleagues or friends often ask them to reconsider their decision to buy a motorbike because they fear that they’ll get hurt. After all, many of us have been taught that operating a motorcycle is more dangerous than a car. Is this the case though? It depends.

Car drivers tend to think that they can rely on the sizable frame of their vehicles to protect them if they’re involved in a crash. Motorcyclists can’t count on the same. There’s nothing that separates them from flying debris or provides a buffer between them and other motorists. This is often what concerns motorcyclists’ loved ones the most.

There are many attributes that motorcycles have that make them better to ride than cars though. Since they’re small, it’s easier for motorcyclists to weave in and out of traffic, if necessary, to avoid potential hazards in their path.

If a motorcyclist dons the appropriate protective clothing and a helmet, then they can greatly reduce their risk of injury if they are struck. New motorcycle technology such as airbags and larger, brighter headlights enhance motorcyclist safety and increase visibility.

Motorcyclists who become involved in crashes often do so because a motorist was intoxicated, fatigued, distracted or driving recklessly at the time the crash occurred. They also often claim not to have seen them because they failed to properly gauge their distance from them. Motorcycle accidents that happen at intersections or at high rates of speed often result in the most catastrophic injuries.

The motorcyclists that are most likely to walk away from a crash with the least injuries are those who know how their bike functions, are alert and are well-skilled in defensive driving techniques. While a motorcyclist can control their behaviors, they can’t do the same for other motorists. This is why bikers often get struck by motorists who fail to follow the rules of the road.

You should reach out to an attorney if you’ve been hurt in Lexington or elsewhere in Kentucky. They can advise you of your right to compensation for your injuries if you can prove that another motorist’s driving resulted in you getting hurt.


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