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Compensation is often needed to pay for spinal cord injury care

| Jan 16, 2020 | Brain Injuries And Catastrophic Injuries

Severe physical damage such as brain injuries and catastrophic injuries are among the most expensive in terms of treatment and rehabilitation. To make matters worse, victims of such injuries typically cannot perform physically as they did before the injury. This is especially so when the spinal cord suffers serious damage. Unfortunately, this limited physical ability often results in job loss, further complicating the victim’s road to recovery.

The initial treatment for a spinal cord injury is extremely costly and may involve immobilization, traction and surgery in a hospital setting. However, it is the rehabilitative efforts required in the aftermath that most often drains victims financially.

Aftercare for severe spinal cord injuries usually involves:

  • Frequent and aggressive nonsurgical therapies
  • Mobility assistive devices, including walkers and wheelchairs
  • Home adjustments, including adaptions to stair and doorways for ease of access
  • Vehicle modifications or transportation costs
  • Home nursing assistance and health aides
  • Respite care for the victim’s family members
  • Nursing home care
  • Emotional and occupational counseling

We have dedicated years to advocating for Kentucky victims suffering from brain injuries and catastrophic injuries to the spinal cord. During this time, we have seen entire lives crumble because victims lacked the funds to pay for rehabilitation and other important expenses.

Our attorneys believe that knowledge from a trusted source can help you make better choices in the aftermath of severe physical damage. This is why we always urge victims of brain injuries and catastrophic injuries to seek a legal opinion before making any big decisions. This is particularly important when another party’s negligence caused the injury. Please continue exploring our website for additional information.


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