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Did any of these common medical errors affect you?

| Feb 10, 2020 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice

You may be someone who has gone for regular checkups with your doctor for as long as you can remember. Your health is immensely important to you, and you want to stay on top of any concerns that may arise. As a result, when your doctor found something of concern, you wanted to address it as quickly as possible and in the best manner possible.

Depending on the exact issue, you may have needed to undergo various tests and other procedures to determine your exact condition. Unfortunately, at some point, something went wrong, and the mistakes of medical professionals may be to blame.

Common errors

Disconcertingly, medical errors happen on a regular basis. In some cases, negative outcomes from a treatment or procedure cannot be avoided, but in others, negligence on the part of a medical staff member could lead to unnecessary suffering.

If you did experience negative outcomes from a medical procedure or even lack of treatment, one or more of the following factors could have played a role:

  • A staff member failed to follow proper procedures, policies or protocols when handling your care.
  • Communication issues existed between staff members. Someone may have forgotten to verbally provide needed information or could have failed to write something down.
  • The medical center where you received treatment or examinations may not have had adequate staff to handle your needs. Inadequate staffing can lead to an increased chance of medical errors.
  • Technology can also cause more harm than good in some cases. For example, certain devices meant to address a condition could fail and create more problems.
  • Important information could get lost in transition. If you need to move from one facility to another and some of your information gets lost, you could suffer as a result.

Unfortunately, these few examples are not all of the common errors that could affect you and your well-being.

Taking action

Medical errors can range in severity, but if your health and well-being suffered due to medical errors or negligence, you may have reason to seek compensation. The mistakes may have resulted in you needing additional medical care or facing other detrimental outcomes. If so, you may have a warranted reason for filing a medical malpractice claim. In order to fully understand your options, you may wish to obtain an assessment of your ordeal from an experienced Kentucky attorney who can advise you on next steps.


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