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Cell phone addictions wreak havoc on Kentucky roads

| Mar 18, 2020 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Depending on your age, you may recall a time in your life when cell phones were “not a thing.” Kentucky residents who consider themselves part of the baby boomer category can think back to a time when there weren’t computers in every classroom and cell phones in every back pocket. Advanced technology has brought much convenience to the modern world. How many times a day do you use your cell phone?

As an adult, you might use your cell phone more than 50 times a day. This is the current average. The problem is that some people have developed addictions to their cell phones, which, in turn, has caused serious problems on Kentucky roadways in many cases. Using a cell phone while driving is a dangerous distraction and, in most states, is also a traffic violation.

How to recognize signs of cell phone addiction

Addiction is typically difficult to overcome, whether it involves drugs, alcohol, gambling or other issues. You might not realize you have an addiction unless or until you learn to recognize certain symptoms. The following list includes signs that would suggest you might be addicted to your cell phone:

  • How you feel when you don’t use your cell phone can be telling regarding addiction. If you have tried and failed multiple times to stop using your cell phone, and feel upset, irritated or stressed when you avoid use, it’s possible you might be addicted to your phone.
  • Cell phone addicts often lose track of time while using their phones.
  • Do you often have relationship problems because of your cell phone habits?
  • Feeling a great desire or intense need to always upgrade your cell phone to the latest, greatest model available might be a symptom of addiction.
  • Some people use food for comfort. However, if you immediately reach for your phone to calm yourself when you’re feeling stressed or upset, you might be addicted to your cell phone like others are addicted to food.
  • Additional symptoms of cell phone addiction include feelings of depression, tension, irritability or anger whenever you cannot access or use your phone.
  • Does your neck hurt often? The term “text neck” applies to neck pain associated with looking down at a cell phone for extended periods of time on a frequent basis.

You might be surprised at some of the other physical symptoms of cell phone addiction, which include but aren’t limited to eye strain or blurred vision, vomiting or other bacterial infection symptoms caused by fecal matter on cell phones, as well as distracted driving collisions resulting in injuries caused by cell phone use while driving.

If you suffer injury in a collision

Many people in Kentucky and beyond could stand to improve their habits or limit the use of cell phones in their lives; however, using your cell phone doesn’t necessarily mean you’re addicted to it. What if you’re sharing the road with someone who is, and he or she hits you while using a cell phone behind the wheel?

You shouldn’t have to bear the financial burdens associated with a collision you didn’t cause. Such collisions often result in severe, even life-threatening injuries. This is why the state allows recovering victims to seek financial recovery for their losses by filing personal injury claims in civil court against those deemed responsible for damages.


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