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Did you receive an emergency C-section when you needed it?

| Jul 13, 2020 | Birth Injuries, Firm News

Your top priority during labor and delivery is to make sure that you and your baby come through the process safely. Your obstetrician should, too. With as many things as can go wrong during the birth of your child, he or she needs to remain aware of your and your baby’s condition at all times.

In some cases, the safety of you and/or your baby becomes so precarious that your obstetrician decides that you need an emergency C-section.

What circumstances warrant an emergency C-section?

A C-section is the only definitive way to deliver your baby as quickly as possible. Common circumstances under which this measure may be a requirement include the following:

  • You begin bleeding excessively.
  • You or your baby is in distress.
  • The placenta tore away from your uterine wall.
  • Your uterus tears along the scar from a previous C-section.
  • The umbilical cord falls through your cervix down into the vagina before your baby.
  • Your labor has stalled and isn’t progressing.
  • Your baby is not tolerating the labor process well.
  • Your contractions are not strong enough to hasten delivery.
  • Your baby is in the breech position or is sideways when your labor starts.

Most likely, you would expect your doctor to take action if one of the above or some other emergency arises. However, if your doctor decides to take a “wait and see” approach, you and your baby may not get the care you need as quickly as you need it. The above situations are emergencies because not doing something right away could end up causing unnecessary, and in some cases serious, harm to you and/or your unborn child.

Did your emergency C-section come in time?

If your obstetrician or other medical staff members attending your labor and delivery properly monitor you, they may handle a potentially urgent situation without any harm done. However, if those monitoring you fail to handle urgent situations in a timely manner, your C-section could be under delay. Under these circumstances, your “emergency” C-section may come too late.

When you fail to receive the standard of care you and your child deserve, and serious harm results, filing a medical malpractice claim may be the appropriate course of action. In addition to receiving the compensation you need for your financial losses and other damages in a successfully litigated claim, you could also receive some justice for you and your newborn.


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