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Medical malpractice: Never events, problematic in Kentucky

| Sep 28, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

When your doctor recommends surgery as a means to resolve an adverse health condition or to help heal an injury, you can reasonably trust that he or she has your best interests in mind. There are elective surgeries and those performed in emergency situations. Either way, you should not wind up in worse condition afterward due to surgical errors in a Kentucky hospital.

A never event is an incident that occurs when surgeons, doctors, nurses, lab technicians or others are negligent. Such incidents are called never events because they should never happen as there are systems of checks and balances in place to easily prevent them. Surgical errors are not the only types of incidents that cause injury or death to patients.

Things you should know about never events

Think of all the many types of interactions you might have with doctors, nurses and other medical team members while undergoing medical care. All medical staff members are obligated to adhere to protocol and provide care to you in accordance with accepted safety standards of the medical industry. If a medical team member is negligent, you may be at great risk for serious injury.

The following list shows numerous types of never events that occur in Kentucky and elsewhere throughout the country:

  • Medication errors happen often. If your doctor prescribes the wrong medication or fails to inform you of possible side effects or dangerous interactions with other drugs, you might be at risk for serious illness or injury.
  • Leaving foreign bodies inside of patients is one of the most common surgical never events that occur in Kentucky hospitals and others. This is one of many reasons to closely monitor your condition during recovery.
  • Perhaps, your medical records state that you need 24/7 supervision from your health care providers. If a staff member leaves you alone and you suffer injury during that time, it would be an example of a never event that was easily preventable.
  • Physical abuse is a never event. Sadly, medical patients, nursing home patients and others have suffered many injuries, as well as fatalities in some cases, due to care providers abusing them.

When you visit a doctor or hospital for medical examination, treatment or surgery, you can expect high-quality care in accordance with state laws and industry policies and regulations.

While it is true that surgeries or treatments do not always produce a desired result, there are no excuses for never events that have caused you or your loved one to suffer injury. Such incidents are often grounds for filing medical malpractice claims in civil court.


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