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Healthcare technology advances may reduce potential negligence

| Oct 26, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

When a patient, whether in Kentucky or elsewhere, requires medical care, he or she has the right to expect optimum care from physicians and other medical professionals. From the initial consultation through diagnostic tests and a treatment plan, most people assume the professionals they have entrusted to help them will apply all of their knowledge and experience to provide them the best care possible. However, doctors are human and mistakes happen, sometimes due to negligence, and sometimes leading to a medical malpractice lawsuit. According to experts, healthcare technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), and particularly machine learning (ML), has advanced in recent years to the point where its various applications can reduce or eliminate cases of negligence.

For example, although most medical professionals do their best to keep current in their field, the health care industry is continually evolving and new discoveries are being made every day. Logistically, doctors cannot possibly keep up with every new medical finding, but they can use ML tools to scan journals and recommend diagnostics and treatment plans. Medical specialists who may have limited knowledge in other specialty areas can use AI technology to reduce time normally required for specialists to confer about a patient’s condition.

In addition, with the use of AI technology in the diagnostic stage, patients may be less likely to blame their physician for a misdiagnosis and claim negligence. If both the machine and the doctor say the same thing, patients may more readily accept the outcome and their condition as it stands. They may be more likely then to be open to suggested steps in the treatment process moving forward. Experts say that while AI technology in healthcare certainly has potential benefits, it is relatively new, and there are still a number of issues that must be worked out before it is fully developed.

Until such technology is complete and perfected for widespread use, people seeking medical assistance must continue to trust their doctors and other health care professionals to provide them the best care possible. Most people know that, realistically, mistakes can be made at any step in the health care process that, unfortunately, can be a result of negligence. In such cases, Kentucky residents have the option to pursue the matter further to seek restitution for pain, suffering and monetary losses that often result from these situations. An attorney experienced in medical malpractice cases can be a valuable resource.


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