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Helping You Determine Present And Future Costs Of Your Injuries

After suffering an injury, you may be facing an uncertain and expensive future. An injury does not just include immediate medical care costs, it may include the need for long-term care and treatment. Anyone in this difficult position would be curious about the worth of their medical malpractice or personal injury settlement.

That is why we take valuing your claim very seriously and go over all the details of your case carefully. We see you as an individual, with unique injuries and needs. We look at the way that your family has also suffered and include those losses as well, whenever possible, into your claim.

At The Law Offices of Dan F. Partin, we go the distance to determine the full cost of your damages. We sometimes work with specialists in cases involving negligent medical professionals. We also learn about the expected outcomes of your condition. That allows us to predict the sort of expenses you will face in the future as the result of any permanent injuries.

A Step-By-Step Calculation

Kentucky uses the pure comparative negligence system. That means that an injury victim can still collect some damages even when he or she is partially or mostly at fault for the accident. In addition, there are no artificial limits on what damages you can recover for your economic losses or noneconomic losses, like pain and suffering. That allows us to ask for the full value of any given claim.

The following factors are often used to determine the settlement worth:

  1. Your property damage. In an auto accident, for example, it could represent the repair costs of your vehicle.
  2. Your medical expenses, including those bills that were covered by insurance. Do not forget things like physical therapy sessions, MRIs, X-rays and prescriptions.
  3. Your medical condition, like hired help, attendant services, travel to and from specialists or treatment centers.
  4. Your lost earnings. If you missed work, add in your lost wages even if you took sick leave or vacation time in order to have an income.
  5. Your future lost earnings. If your condition is ongoing or permanent, you may be facing a reduced income for the rest of your life.
  6. Your future medical needs. Any long-term condition will require ongoing, expensive medical care.
  7. Add all these expenses together. That total is the basic amount of your current and future economic damages.
  8. Multiply that amount by a figure between 1.5 and 5. This figure represents your noneconomic damages, such as emotional distress and pain and suffering. The more serious your injuries, the more invasive the treatment you must endure and the longer you are expected to suffer, the higher a multiplier you can use.
  9. The final figure approximates your settlement amount.

Keep in mind, many of these costs are difficult to determine fairly without the assistance of an attorney. Other factors, such as your liability for part of a car accident, can reduce the amount of damages you can claim.

Also, remember that insurance companies will never pay more than they must on a claim. They are concerned about their bottom line, not what is fair. That is why our attorneys offer aggressive representation and a careful analysis of your case. We aim to get the maximum damages possible for our clients.

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