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Anesthesia Errors Are A Common Cause Of Medical Malpractice

Over a quarter of a million people die due to medical errors every year in America. That makes it the fourth highest cause of death. Medication errors and adverse drug errors (a patient’s intervention with drugs before or after an operation) are the leading causes of medical malpractice.

If you or a family member suffered or a loved one died because of anesthesia errors, call the personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys at The Law Offices of Dan F. Partin. We offer experience and dedication to help people across Kentucky who have suffered from medical malpractice.

How Do Anesthesia Errors Happen?

The advances in pain control have been one of the greatest achievements in medicine. Unfortunately, the advanced use of pain control also increased the potential for dosing and documentation errors, improperly administering residual drugs (that have not been properly flushed out of an IV), not controlling the amount of the drugs being administered and ineffective pain management.

A negligent anesthesiologist can deliver the wrong dosage — too much or too little — of the drug. This can cause extreme pain during a procedure. It can also lead to brain damage or death.

The three most common causes of anesthesia errors are:

  • Inadequate experience
  • Not being familiar with the equipment or device
  • Carelessness or inattention

Potential side of effects of anesthesia errors include:

  • Asphyxia (inadequate amount of oxygen)
  • Birth defects
  • Brain damage
  • Chronic pain
  • Coma
  • Death
  • Loss of body function
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Tracheal damage/injury

We Will Hold Them Accountable — Even In Court

If you or a family member suffered an injury due to an anesthesia error or there was a death, contact the experienced personal injury and anesthesia errors lawyers at The Law Offices of Dan F. Partin. Get a free consultation at one of our three office locations in Lexington, Harlan or Middlesboro.

We will work with you to build your case and track down any evidence. We will negotiate for you, and, if necessary, we will take your case all the way to court to get you the best results possible. Call 859-359-7390 or visit ourcontact page for professional and aggressive personal injury assistance. We offer 24/7 assistance for new clients.

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