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A Missed Or Delayed Diagnosis May Be Medical Malpractice

Many medical malpractice cases are the result of a failure to diagnose a condition that should have been obvious to a physician. Other times, poor communication between medical professionals or a doctor’s error will lead to a delayed diagnosis. That can leave a victim with increased suffering, a shortened life span or a missed chance at recovery. The economic costs can be staggering.

That’s where our attorneys at The Law Offices of Dan F. Partin step in. We use our legal experience and the knowledge of the medical professionals we work with to evaluate where a physician went wrong. Contact our Kentucky attorneys to determine if you are eligible for a medical malpractice claim.

Doctors Have A Responsibility To Recognize Risk Factors And Diseases

Doctors are expected to recognize various diseases. They should know your risks for developing a specific condition. They are supposed to know when it is time to turn your care over to a specialist. They are expected to maintain good records and review reports that get sent back from diagnostic tests and specialist consultations in a timely fashion. That is part of their job.

When they fail to live up to those expectations, the following things can happen:

  • A failure to diagnose means that your doctor missed the connection between the symptoms you presented and the condition that you have. Because of that missed connection, you went without vital medical treatment.
  • A delayed diagnosis means that your doctor eventually made the connection between your symptoms and your condition – but not in a timely fashion. As a result, your condition deteriorated far further or faster than it would have otherwise.
  • A misdiagnosis means that your doctor diagnosed you with one condition when you had another. A misdiagnosis can expose you to harmful, unnecessary medication and treatment and prevent you from getting the treatment you actually need.

These events can essentially leave you worse off than you were before and damage your health further. You can be deprived of both quality and length of life.

Get Help For A Diagnostic Error Medical Malpractice Claim

A misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis or failure to diagnose is just like any other medical malpractice claim: Complicated. Fortunately, we can help. We offer aggressive representation and will work to get you fair compensation for your injuries. Contact our lawyers at our offices in Lexington, Harlan and Middlesboro either online or at 859-359-7390. Consultations are free.