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We Can Help You If Prescription And Medical Errors Caused Injuries Or A Death

Until recently, patients in Kentucky who suffered medical malpractice had to go before a four-person panel before their claim could go forward. The panel reviewed medical records, heard testimony and evaluated the evidence. It was intended to eliminate malicious lawsuits. What was supposed to make the process faster and fairer was not accomplishing either. The state’s Supreme Court found that it was unconstitutional.

The high court found that the victims’ rights were being violated because the panel, which had no official links to the legal system, was delaying access to the court. Fortunately, the pathway has been cleared for injury victims to make things right. Call the medical malpractice attorneys at The Law Offices of Dan F. Partin if you suffered injuries or someone you love died because a medical professional made a prescription or medical error, or did not do what was required.

Prescription And Medication Errors Can Cause Additional Hardships

When you or a family member goes to the hospital or has a health issue that requires a prescription or medical care, you expect professional care. When they make a mistake or do not do what they should have done, it can cause undue stress, additional medical costs and, in the worst cases, death. We can help you if you suffered due to inadequate medical or prescription care.

Did A Medical Professional Fail To Meet Requirements?

There are several ways doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, other medical professionals, and hospitals and health care providers do not meet medical standards. Our medical malpractice lawyers can help if you or a family member suffered:

  • Allergic reactions to drugs
  • Drug interactions
  • Injuries/death to the mother in childbirth
  • Injuries/death because you were not warned of drug and procedure dangers
  • Injuries/death/birth defects during childbirth
  • Misdiagnosis leading to the wrong (or lack of) treatment
  • Prescriptions problems — wrong medications/incorrect dosing

We Will Work With You To Hold Them Responsible

When mistakes — or failure to do what was required — cause injuries or deaths, call our medical and prescription errors lawyers at The Law Offices of Dan F. Partin. We will work to support your rights and get the best possible results in the Lexington, Harlan and Middlesboro areas. Call us at 859-359-7390 or email us.

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