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Commercial Truck Accident FAQs

Commercial truck accidents are different from ordinary passenger vehicle crashes. Trucks are larger and more dangerous, and determining who may be responsible in a truck accident is much more complex. Trucking companies often have response teams whose job is to quickly investigate a crash involving their vehicles and minimize the liability of the company.

Our attorneys at The Law Offices of Dan F. Partin have more than 20 years’ experience handling these types of complex cases. We understand how important it is to gather and secure evidence quickly and create a record of the crash to enable us to identify potentially responsible parties.

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We also can take care of all necessary communication to ensure that your rights to compensation are protected and you do not inadvertently compromise your case by speaking with their lawyers or insurance adjusters. Call our experienced attorneys at 859-359-7390.

The following are questions we are frequently asked concerning truck accidents:

Who is liable in a commercial truck accident?

This is likely a complex answer. Because numerous entities may be responsible for operation of the truck, more than one party may be responsible for the crash. For instance, the driver could have been distracted, drunk or fatigued. He or she may have been improperly trained or supervised by the company.

The contents of the truck may have been loaded improperly and shifted or come loose. The truck may be owned by a different company than the operator and it may be maintained by yet another business.

A part of the vehicle may have failed because it was defectively designed or manufactured. And potentially, the agency responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of the road or highway could be responsible, if that played a role.

Any or all of these parties may have some responsibility for the crash. Our attorneys can help you find the answer and identify the correct parties.

Can I sue for getting hit by a semi truck?

Yes, but you must do it properly, or you risk losing your case. You need to correctly identify the responsible parties. It may be a driver who is an owner-operator or he or she may drive for a trucking company. Other parties may also bear responsibility for the crash. You must file your case within the time limitations set by law in Kentucky and you must have a full assessment of your injuries and damages.

What damages can I collect in a commercial truck accident claim?

You can typically recover damages for lost income, including future income if your injuries are lasting. You can also recover for medical expenses, including surgery, therapy and rehabilitation as well as ambulance and medical transport. Damages may also include pain and suffering and the cost to repair or replace your vehicle.

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