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Phone Addiction And Distracted Driving Crashes In Kentucky

A recent study of phone use and driving has identified a troubling new type of driver: the phone addict. According to a new report from Zendrive, a driving-behavior analytics company, phone addicts spend more time behind the wheel and more time on their phone than ordinary drivers.

Are More Drivers Becoming Phone Addicts?

This finding is troubling because it pointed to significant growth in the number of drivers who could be classified as phone addicts. Worryingly, in a few years, as many as one in five motorists could be phone addicts. The authors of the study suggest these drivers are more dangerous than drunk drivers.

Our Experienced Attorneys Can Help With Your Case

At The Law Offices of Dan F. Partin, we understand the risk this distraction and these drivers pose. If you have been injured in a collision with another driver, we can help determine if that driver is a phone addict or was otherwise distracted. We have more than 20 years of experience working with complex personal injury matters.

What Is A Phone Addict?

The study identified several characteristics of phone use that it classified as “phone addiction.” It found that these drivers:

  • Spend more hours driving
  • Drive much longer distances while using their devices
  • Are many more times as likely to pick up their device while driving
  • Spend much more time touching the device when they do pick it up

Other studies have found that, for some, phone-related activities like texting can stimulate the brain like a drug.

Riskier Than Drunk Drivers?

The study warns that phone addicts may be far more dangerous than drunk drivers because there will be many more of them. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimated that about 660,000 drivers may use their phones while driving during daylight hours on an average day.

The Zendrive study found that the federal data set likely undercounted the number of drivers by a factor of 100 and their data suggests 69 million drivers use their phones while driving. Unlike drunk drivers who are more likely to be on the roads late at night and on the weekends, phone addicts are driving during prime daylight hours, meaning millions of innocent drivers are exposed to this greater risk every day.

Distracted Driving Fatalities Are Probably Undercounted

According to federal traffic data in 2018, there were about 10,000 deaths involving alcohol and only about 3,000 attributed to distracted driving. The problem is few motorists would admit they were distracted and caused a crash.

Additionally, police reports and significant variations in the type of data collected at accident scenes make it more difficult to accurately measure just how many crashes involve a distracted driver.

It is difficult to argue with a blood test showing blood alcohol content, but it is easy for a driver to deny they were using their phone at the time of a crash. However, this information may be available by examining the phone records of the negligent driver. Our attorneys are experienced at subpoenaing phone records during discovery if it becomes necessary to find this evidence.

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